Mallanaga Vatsyayna

The Kama Sutra

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Muhammad Irfan Azam
Muhammad Irfan Azamshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading
🔮Hidden Depths

This book is one of most misunderstood books based on its title and the subject associated with it.

Its first part (chapter 1 to 4) is about Hindu religion and especially position of women is discussed. This part can be skipped if reader is not interested in learning about Hinduism.

Second part (chapter 5 to 9) is worth reading. As it contains knowledge of all sensual matters in a great depth.

Parts three to five (chapters 10 to 15) are more into gaining over, seducing and attracting women. The tactics and objectives described are related to Hindu religion and may not be appropriate for readers from other religions or cultures. Filter and interprete very carefully.

pucit53shared an impression5 months ago

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The Kama Sutra, Mallanaga Vatsyayna
The Kama Sutra
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