Anna Lopez

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Are you too stressed out?
Are you struggling to have a good night's sleep?
If you’re one of the millions of adults who have found it difficult to consistently achieve restful and recuperative sleep, you might need to make changes to your nightly routine, as well as to your coping mechanisms for stress. The internet is a wellspring of information on ways to change stress, but some of those are merely a bandage on a wound that needs something more.
One of the major things that has been found to disrupt and degrade the quality of sleep is browsing online shopping, websites, social media, and mobile games in bed at night. It turns out that reading small amounts before bed is an ideal way to entertain your mind, allow you to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, and drift into a peaceful sleep.
That’s why this collection includes completely original tales for you to read each night before bed. These bite-sized stories span several different genres and will allow you to entertain yourself before getting a great night’s sleep.
In this book you will find:
Proven techniques that you can use to revolutionize the way you handle stressOriginal short tales to keep your mind engaged until you’re ready for sleepInformation you can really use to change your life for the better!Don’t delay! Get your copy of Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults today and start getting better sleep tonight!
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Anna Lopez


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