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the guide to reiki for you as a giftIs Overthinking Causing Stress, Anxiety, and Procrastination in Your Life?
Get Easy, Practical, and Actionable Solutions to Overcome the Problem of Overthinking in 30 Days
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In this Book, You will Find…
Explanation of this deep-rooted problemSigns and symptoms of overthinking10 main causes of overthinking and the reason they remain ignoredThe hidden threats that lead to overthinking and stress in our livesThe physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive impact of overthinking and anxietyThorough understanding of the reasons causing mental clutter and the ways to deal with itWays to control the mind and stop overthinkingEffective ways to lower stress and anxietyPractical ways to stop procrastination and become more productiveUnderstanding of the concept of meditation and the ways it can help in curbing the malice of overthinkingWays to control negative thoughtsWays to cultivate a winning mentalityA detailed explanation of the concepts like ETF tapping, mindfulness, deep breathing, and meditationAnd More…………
Most people never realize that the problem of overthinking can make them inefficient
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Robin McGill


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