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Why has this unique type of fasting only become established in the past couple of years?

It’s simple, the fat cats of our food industry establishment have billions riding on the outdated “3 square meals a day” lifestyle.

And not only is this typical American lifestyle outdated, it’s downright dangerous!

Inside you’ll discover:

How to lose weight faster while intermittent fasting

IBS pain? You can blame this common food

5 superfoods you can find at your local supermarket

How inflamed is your body right now? Exactly what to ask your doctor to find out the truth.

How to increase autophagy without fasting for several days in a row

Eat this “forgotten food” to reverse plaque build up in your arteries

How to properly do a water fast without feeling weak or getting hungry.

A handful of this food cuts risk of heart disease by 24 percent

1 in 4 supplements failed quality tests at a leading independent lab. Discover which ones to throw out

And much, much more..

Plus countless other health secrets...Including this “miracle beverage” which researchers at the University of Minnesota found lowered diabetes risk by 33 percent...drinking this also boosts the effectiveness of your one drink to avoid which sneakily breaks your fast.

You’ll also discover:

How to avoid starvation mode while fasting

The raw truth about extended water fasting

Is too much autophagy bad? Get the answer from the world’s leading expert

Why do dogs who eat 1 meal a day live 20 percent longer than dogs who eat 3 meals a day?

This is not just a diet fad. This is a long-term game changer in the health and longevity space.
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