The Evolution of Storytelling

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Podcast listeners: This is a fun conversation where we go in-depth into how TikTok is evolving and aging up, and our insight into how these platforms evolve; as marketers and creators hit scale. If you’ve been thinking about going in on TikTok, this talk is a must listen. If you’ve gone in on TikTok and thinking about which content will win on TikTok and on other platforms, tune in! Tweet me @garyvee with you favorite moment.

Topics from Today’s Episode:

2:55 | Authenticity is a premium value

5:10 | Escapism

7:30 | Attention, awareness, reach

8:15 | Consumption on TikTok

10:00 | When brands engage with the audience

11:30 | Metrics on TikTok

17:30 | The creator ecosystem

18:15 | The same game over and over again

19:15 | It’s a land grab

22:30 | Building brand equity

25:00 | Getting brands to be contextual creatively is the rub

26:15 | TikTok vs Vine


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