Henry Kuttner,Manly Wade Wellman,Ronal Kayser

Weird stories

Weird stories

Tre classic short stories (novels) in the fantasy and horror genre with authors Henry Kuttner, Ronal Keyser and Manly Wade Wellman.

The Secret of Kralitz By HENRY KUTTNER (pseudonyms Lewis Padgett and Lawrence O'Donnell)
I was dining with my ancestors—the House of Kralitz!
Deep in my memories, I had not noticed our path, but now the dark forms of my guides paused beside a gap in the stone flagging, where a stairway which I had never seen during my wanderings about the castle led into subterranean depths. Down this stairway I was conducted, and presently I came to realize that there was light of a sort—a dim, phosphorescent radiance that came from no recognizable source, and seemed to be less actual light than the accustoming of my eyes to the near-darkness.

In the Dark By RONAL KAYSER (pseudonym Dale Clark)
It was a tale of sheer horror that old Asa Gregg poured into the dictaphone.
Especially he didn't want to remember the frightful time he'd had stripping the gold rings from her fingers, and the one gold tooth in her head....

I carried her into the storage room. I got the lid off one of the acid tanks. The vat contained an acid powerful enough to destroy anything—except gold. In fact, the vat itself had to be lined with gold-leaf.

The Golgotha Dancers By MANLY WADE WELLMAN
A curious and terrifying story about an artist who sold his soul that he might paint a living picture.
There rushed and swelled into me the sudden startled strength that sometimes favors the desperate. I screamed like any wild thing caught in a trap, rolled somehow out of bed and to my feet. One of the beings I shook off and the other I dashed against the bureau. Freed, I made for the bedroom door and the front of the apartment, stumbling and staggering on fear-weakened legs.
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