Jay J. Falconer

Bunker (Book 1)

An epic 5-part series from USA Today Bestselling Author Jay J Falconer and performed by 2022 Audie Award Winner and NY Times Bestselling Audiobook Narrator Gary Tiedemann...
Cyber-Attacks. EMPs. Invasion. War. When the end comes, few will have the ability to survive.
When a coordinated attack takes out the nation’s power grid, a small town finds itself at ground zero of an all-out invasion.
With limited options and no time to prepare, the citizens have no choice but to turn to a mysterious drifter, Jack Bunker, for help.
The former combat engineer has the skills to keep them alive, but he won’t be able to do it alone, not against an overwhelmingly superior force.
Somehow he’ll have to find a way to transform the mild-mannered townsfolk into military-grade warriors and lead them into battle, despite his dark past that leads some to wonder whose side is he really on?
The Bunker series is a 5-part explosive, high-octane thriller. If you like pulse-pounding action, resourceful warriors, and deep political intrigue, then you’ll love this bestselling tale of true grit.
Rated PG-13 for Violence and Language
What fans are saying about the BUNKER series:
--"Great writing style and totally believable. Can't wait to continue with book 2!"
--"Well written novel full of excitement and humanity in a real world situation. Great read!"
--"Wow what great read full of suspense leaving you wanting to know more with each turn of the page awesome!"
--"Outstandingly written, intriguing.....who is Bunker really?????? Seal team? Delta????"
--"Action from beginning to end. Love this book and plan to buy the series."
--"I could not stop reading. The characters pulled me in."
--"Loved the story line and the characters."
--"Give it a try! It's a terrific beginning to a new series from a proven author."
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