D.A. Spence

The Best Staff - Keep the Best - Free the Rest

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Having the ‘wrong’ staff can make your life hell. The Right Staff offers straightforward and practical steps to reduce the headaches and hardships that can be associated with hiring personnel. From the solo entrepreneur about to hire their first employee, to owners and managers of small to medium enterprises, this book is a must-read.
Through simple exercises and upfront, honest advice, Spence offers a practical approach to more easily find, hire, and keep the staff that will be an asset, not a liability, to your business. This book offers essential advice on pain-free methods to let the ‘wrong’ staff go, without fear of retribution.
The Right Staff is a candid real-world book that will revolutionise your business by improving manager/staff relationships. By Keeping the Best, and Freeing the Rest, your business is set to thrive and grow.
Spence has over 20 years business experience in a wide range of industries including hospitality manufacturing, construction and personal services.
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