Emma Dakin

Perils in Yorkshire

Claire Barclay’s tourists are exploring the cobbled streets of York. Her American ladies from Tucson, the couple from Bristol and the couple from London appear fascinated by Claire’s explanations of the unique architecture. All except Phillip, a
younger, single man who disappears—again. Claire spots him entering the chocolate factory and races down the stairs, suspecting Phillip has headed for the kitchens, and trips over the body of a security guard. She doesn’t see any
connection between the body and her tourists until Mark, her loving partner and a Detective Inspector with the Major Crimes Investigation Team, tells her Phillip is an undercover Scotland Yard detective and on a job. Claire removes the group
from the city of York quickly and drives them north to the Yorkshire Moors, a vast land of almost bleak wilderness and the setting of many mystery novels. She stops for a picnic at the famous Ralph’s Cross where moorland, green with springtime
heather, stretches for miles. Her bucolic plans are interrupted when her American ladies report the sudden death of Phillip in the surrounding bog. Mark tells her Phillip was on the trail of a drug distribution scheme. But will Claire be able to
keep these ladies who are intelligent, determined and expert mystery novel readers out of a messy situation with the murderer? Claire has high hopes that she will be able to do so without endangering them all.
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