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Permanent Record by Edward Snowden: Key Takeaways, Summary & Analysis Included

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Short on time? Or maybe you’ve already read the book, but need a refresh on the most important takeaways. In a quick, easy listen, you can take the main principles from Permanent Record!
Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record is a testimony of a man for whom privacy is paramount, but who knows that exposing himself is necessary for the world to understand the importance of the information he revealed about the U.S. government. Snowden takes us through his life and decision to reveal the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance of American citizens and the tools the NSA used to collect every text, e-mail, phone call, and digital action made by citizens. It is the account of a young man who grew up online and saw the internet change from a land of freedom to a tool used by a sprawling, oppressive machine. It is a memoir for the modern age, and a must-read for those who care about their own privacy.
This audiobook encapsulates key takeaways found in the original book. We’ve also provided an in-depth analysis and removed any fluff to save you hours of your time. If you’ve read the original, then this audio summary will help you solidify the most important lessons.
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