Dale L. Roberts

Amazon Keywords for Books

Become a Keyword Master and Watch Your Book Sales GrowHave you published your work only to see minimal returns? Are you afraid your book might fade into obscurity if you don’t do something now?
As an author, you have one goal – to sell more books, so you reach more readers. Yet you can’t do that if no one can find your book.
Then, why can’t readers find your book?
To sell more books consistently, you must say the right words at the right place and at the right time.
And, here’s the kicker – the answer has been in front of you the whole time.
The key to selling more books disguises itself in many ways. Whether 7 backend slots or a book description, the publishing process is incomplete without one main contributing factor – keywords.
If you can master keywords, then you can master your book’s success! Dale L. Roberts is here to help you do that! In Amazon Keywords for Books, Dale shows you how to use keywords to sell more books.
It’s not difficult to increase the discoverability of your book. But you’ll need a deeper understanding of keywords if you want to sell more books.
In this book, you’ll learn:
The importance & function of keywordsDifferent types of keywords & what to useHow to fill the 7 backend keyword slots in KDPBest practices for keyword research on AmazonHow to leverage search engines to do your work Why keyword relevance determines your successHow Amazon Ads is the best kept secret in keyword researchAnd, so much more!Are you ready to learn more and sell more through keyword mastery? Then, Amazon Keywords for Books is for you!
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