James Clarke

Catholic Men's Retreat

How do you hear and respond to the inner longings of the soul?
In the 21st century, men face technological advances, a relentless pace of living and working, and constant demands on their time and attention. Men are searching for meaning—in their careers, relationships, and society. This inspiring retreat provides a path for nurturing faith and sustaining a truly spiritual approach to life. Men of all ages, cultures, and positions will find tremendous spiritual insight under the guidance of Rev. James Clarke, PhD.
These 12 moving audio retreat topics explore a man's unique approach to God and "things spiritual." You will enjoy an overview of traditional and contemporary thinking in the fields of spiritual theology and sacred psychology. Using an accessible and engaging approach, Rev. Clarke offers simple, practical ways of discovering meaning in your life while reconnecting with the Ultimate Mystery we call God.
You will explore the ways in which spirituality makes connections and enables you to see the divine in the human. You will learn how to:
Care for the soulFind inspiring images of GodGrieve the necessary losses of lifeCreate healing rituals of transformationDeepen self-esteemGrow in wholeness and wisdomMen from all walks of life will find this retreat enriching. Take the journey home to God today.
This retreat is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF retreat guide.
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