Karen Petrou

Engine of Inequality

The first book to reveal how the Federal Reserve holds the key to making us more economically equal, written by an author with unparalleled expertise in the real world of financial policy.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy placed much greater focus on stabilizing the market than on helping struggling Americans. As a result, the richest Americans got a lot richer while the middle class shrank and economic and wealth inequality skyrocketed. In Engine of Inequality, Karen Petrou offers pragmatic solutions for creating more inclusive monetary policy and equality-enhancing financial regulation as quickly and painlessly as possible. This groundbreaking book: presents practical ways America can and should tackle economic inequality with fast-acting results; provides revealing examples of exactly how bad economic inequality in America has become no matter how hard we all work; demonstrates that increasing inequality is disastrous for long-term economic growth, political action, and even personal happiness; discusses who shares the blame for our economic inequality; and much more.

Engine of Inequality is a must-listen for leaders, policymakers, regulators, media professionals, and all Americans wanting to ensure that the nation’s financial policy will be a force for promoting economic equality.
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