Swinson Kiki

The Deadline

National bestselling author Kiki Swinson always ups the ante with shocking twists, relentless characters,
and a hard-edged portrait of Southern living—and dying. Now all bets are off as a newbie journalist desperate
for the spotlight plunges into a killer story …

Anything for the fame
As an off-air TV news journalist, Khloé Mercer covers the tough Norfolk, Virginia, neighborhood she grew up in.
But between a hostile boss and stiff competition, she has to break a major exclusive to save her job—and lock down
the coveted anchor desk slot she feels she deserves …

Anything for the lies
When a murder takes place on her home turf, Khloé has easy access to the dirty truth behind it. But she’ll have to
decide whether to exploit every angle and leverage any favor to make her career explode big-time—or keep quiet and
keep herself, and her family, safe. Until the choice is out of her hands …

Anything to stay alive
Once the ruthless power brokers behind the hit put Khloé in their sights, they start brutally cleaning up loose ends.

Now with an inescapable target on her back and odds racking up against her, she’ll find nowhere is safe, and ambition
may be her most dangerous enemy …
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