Lester Del Rey,Charles V.De Vet,Jack Sharkey,William W.Stuart,R.A.Lafferty,Albert Teichner,Jim Harmon,H.B.Fyfe,Sylvia Jacobs,Christopher Anvil,Charles Minor Blackford,H.A. Hartzell

A Sci-Fi Collection

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A baker's dozen of futuristic and space travel tales await you in this audiobook of short stories originally published in the science fiction magazine If, in 1960 and 1961. They are both a sign of their times and a testament to the imaginative powers of writers in the era between Sputnik and Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon. Death and Taxes are inevitable, of course, but you'll also find a (Mind)snake, and maybe even a Garden of Eden within.

The authors represented are Albert Teichner, Charles Minor Blackford, Charles V. De Vet, Christopher Anvil, H.A. Hartzell, H.B.Fyfe, Jack Sharkey, Lester Del Rey,R. A. Lafferty,Sylvia Jacobs and William W. Stuart
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