Steve Hadden

The Victim of the System

“One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” – Sara Kinsey
Haunted by the unsolved murder of his parents, a hometown sports hero battles the justice system and the most powerful oil family in the country to save a ten-year-old genius on trial for murder.
John Grisham’s THE CLIENT meets J.R. Ewing’s DALLAS in this intriguing and unique thriller about the justice system, closure and the abyss between them…
Twenty-two years ago, Ike Rossi’s life was shattered when his parents were murdered in cold blood. He surrendered his football scholarship and returned home to find their killer and raise his nine-year-old sister. Now, the crime of a local ten-year-old genius, Jack Cole, threatens to unearth old wounds rather than provide the closure Ike desperately wants.
When Ike meets Jack inside the Pittsburgh courthouse, he doesn’t see a murderer but instead a boy who has been victimized by a system that has left them both without justice. Despite knowing the case will resurrect the painful demons of his parents’ unsolved murders, Ike agrees to clear Jack’s name. The court of public opinion and the district attorney have an airtight case. Worse, taking Jack’s side thrusts Ike into the crosshairs of the most powerful family in Pittsburgh, the Falzones.
Now, with only days before the trial, Ike confronts the Falzones’ crumbling empire to find the shocking evidence that could save Jack. At the same time, he races to decipher a series of cryptic clues from Jack’s dead father that could hold the key to his son’s freedom. But each step closer to the truth draws them further into danger, and as three fractured families collide, Ike is forced to choose between saving Jack—and saving himself.
“…what I can unequivocally tell you is this: This book is captivating from the very first chapter.” - Judy Johnson
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Steve Hadden
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