Philip Dick,Ray Bradbury,Richard S.Shaver,Winston Marks

Lost Sci-Fi Books 46 thru 50

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Lost Sci-Fi Books 46 thru 50 - Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s
Sales Pitch by Philip K. Dick - There are pushy salesmen and then there are PUSHY salesmen who refuse to give up… until they make the sale!Morgue Ship by Ray Bradbury - This was Burnett’s last trip. Three more shelves to fill with space-slain warriors—and he would be among the living again.Defense Mech by Ray Bradbury - Halloway stared down at Earth, and his brain tore loose and screamed, Man, man, how’d you get in a mess like this, in a rocket a million miles past the moon, shooting for Mars and danger and terror and maybe death.Paradise Planet by Richard S. Shaver - It was a nice little world; everything about it reminded Steve of Earth—except for the people. They looked as human—as steel could make them!...Forsyte’s Retreat by Winston Marks - Sextus Rollo Forsyte had his trouble with the bottle, but nothing out of a bottle ever produced such a hotel as the Mahoney-Plaza: only 260 rooms ... only two guests to a room ... but accommodating 5200 guests—all at the same time!... Floor please?
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