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Angela Wayning

Giftedness: Advanced Intelligence and Problems That Come with Being Gifted (3 in 1 Combo)

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This book is a bundle of three different books, all related to giftedness, which are:
Book 1: What causes a gifted child to be emotionally driven and highly empathetic? How come an intelligent person is typically self-motivated and self-disciplined to the extreme? The explanation lies in the fact that gifted people make a lot of connections in their brains. These connotations from interrelated facts and observations cause them to become both dramatic and extremely excited about occurrences in life, depending on what it is. Dabrowski, a scientist and psychologist, called this quality “overexcitability.”
Book 2: Sometimes, parents think high grades is a good thing, and it can be. But did you know that this is not always the case? Did you know that some gifted children actually underachieve for various reasons? And then comes the big question: Should you tell a child that he or she is gifted? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Don’t remain in the dark. The achievements of gifted students are the consequences of their psyche, but it’s a vulnerable process to stimulate that intelligence in the right way. To do so, this book can help you along the way.
Book 3: Gifted children are typically a bit more advanced in their thinking, but they still need to be taught how to apply that intelligence towards practical goals. This is where problem-solving skills come in. This book devotes at least one chapter to that topic. Aside from that, there are gold nuggets to be found about homework dilemma’s, dealing with depressive minds or sadness, and the existential, gloomy questions that lurk in a gifted person’s mind about the far-fetched problems in the world, or even in the universe.
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