Marko Simsa

Nightmusic and Magic Flute. Mozart for children

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After the great success of "Nachtmusik und Zauberflöte" Marko Simsa's production is now available in English. It is suited for native speakers and everyone, who wants to combine learning English with listening to the classical music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The British actor Howard Nightingall narrates the Mozart story in a fun and easy manner as well as presenting some of Mozart's most famous pieces. Included with the CD is a booklet with a list of vocabulary, lyrics and dance instruction in English and German.

Content: Introduction • "A Little Night Music" G major, K. 525, 1st movement, allegro (extract) • With the carriage to the courtyard • Leopold Mozart: "Bourlesque" • Wolfgang composes his first piece of music! • "Minuet", K. 1 • Wolfgang conducts a large orchestra! • "A Little Night Music" G major, K. 525, 4th movement, rondo, allegro (extract) • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 600 pieces of music • "Sonata A major", K. 331, 1st movement, andante grazioso (extract) • You are now going to hear a quicker piece • "Sonata A major", K. 331, 3rd movement, Rondo alla turca, "Turkish March" (extract) • A real masked ball! • The dancing rehearsal • Minuet from "Don Giovanni", K. 527 • Many songs and operas! • "Diggi, daggi…" from "Bastien and Bastienne", K. 50 (46b) • The opera by Mozart: "The Magic Flute" • "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja" from "The Magic Flute", K. 620 • Good bye! • "A Little Night Music" G major, K. 525, 3rd movement, Menuetto Allegretto
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