Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen

Bias-Conscious Leadership

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Did you know that diversity is one of the best tools for leadership development?
It blocks bias so managers and leaders can make better decisions.
This book presents a program for mental leadership fitness. The workout consists of concrete tools in areas such as digital management, behavioral management, inclusive management, and emotional intelligence. It’s not a quick fix, but an ongoing process that works, just like any other exercise program.
The author demonstrates what it takes for diversity to promote better arguments, and innovative thinking. This means that diversity ensures better decision making because we are constantly reminded to consider alternatives. That is essential for creating successful results. The approach also provides psychological safety in the workplace and an experience of inclusion, which is the most important common denominator for being able to create a good working environment and avoid culture backlash.
Each chapter contains at least one business case that outlines a relevant issue. It provides insight into how managers and leaders minimize unconscious bias by inviting diversity into organizations and allowing it to unfold both humanly and technologically.
New perspectives on power in relationships are also included, which have a decisive influence on the possibilities of reducing bias.Written for leaders and managers, BIAS-CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP is relevant for everyone with management and leadership responsibilities in private and public organizations. It is also useful for supervisors, HR people, lecturers, students, and consultants. This audiobook includes a downloadable pdf with figures from the book:
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