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235: Hal's First Speech After Being Diagnosed with Cancer

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While in the midst of battling cancer (three days after I received a 96-hour chemotherapy treatment), I left the hospital in Houston, TX and flew to Orlando, FL and gave my signature keynote speech in front of 2,500 distributors at the Pure Romance 2017 World Conference.
It was the most terrifying speech of my life (because of the circumstances, which I expand on in the opening minutes of today’s podcast) and somehow turned out to be one of the best speeches I’ve ever given! Today’s podcast is a special episode – the audio from that speech.
You’ll hear the story of the several times I hit rock bottom in my life, how I came up with the Miracle Morning, and the “emotional invincibility” strategy I’ve used to deal with everything life has thrown at me, and which you can use to maintain a positive emotional state in the midst of anything life throws at you (car accidents, cancer, traffic, bad days, difficult people… anything!)
If you’ve never heard my Miracle Morning keynote before, now’s a great opportunity to listen. If you have, I hope you enjoy this refresher.
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