Devlin Wylde

The Speed of Lust - An urban experiential erotic audio story of intense lust and passion.

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An experiential erotica sensation that truly takes you beyond normal erotica, you will feel every sensation as if you were there.
"This was so incredibly hot! I usually listen to stuff like this just to get a little turned on, but I was soaked by the end. I will definitely be listening to it again."
You remember him well, your fantasy, your desire, your lust.
Yet so much went unsaid, unshared, undone.
But now, for one night, you are thrown together. One night to experience all those desires you thought were lost. To share your passion. Years of frustration that can be satisfied by this one night.
And as you give yourself permission to let all your inhibitions go.
As you let yourself enjoy pleasure like never before.
Enjoy all you desire, in this one moment, this one night.
As you surrender to the speed of lust.
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