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Choosing music as a profession reveals a reality that the respective person has embarked on a mission of a never-ending and lifelong journey that has become the core of the entire life span. All but the most measured, motivated, determined and passionate people will tame the odds and hone the skills to an extent to stand above the rest and taste success. But by doing so, the mindset has to be molded to an absolute intensity and calibrated to prudent decision-making prowess.
The digital music industry has gone a long way in the last decade and a half since the advent of the internet of things. But major stumbling blocks still very much exist. Platforms like Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, etc. are open to notable recovery compared to the prior days of illegitimate file sharing but the myriad service proposals and revenue models make it hard to interpret the precise efficacy of each platform as to what these can individually offer to musicians and music companies. Therefore, a large quantity of data is pressed into the process, sifting for purity in the wake of new business ethics.
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