Barbara Hart

Tantra: Guide To Learning The Art of Tantric Sacred Sex

Millions of people have experienced the amazing benefits that sacred sexuality has to offer and this book is your key to get a grasp of what the life-changing experience of Tantric Sex can bring to you.
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Tantric sex is so much more than simply establishing a physical bond between two partners. It is about connecting with your partner on an emotional and a spiritual level. It is the union of the female and the male energies present in the body, for forming a spiritual connection.
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
- What Is Tantra?
- Tantric Sex Basics
- How Tantra Enhances Your Sex Life
- Using Tantra Sex Far Amazing Orgasm
- The Tantric Principle Of Self-Love
- The Tantric Massage
- And much, much more!
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