Roberta Sanders

Women With ADHD

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Still struggling with the effects of having ADHD?
Do you …?
- Do you often feel as if life is out of control, and that it’s impossible to meet demands?
- Do you feel overwhelmed in stores, at the office, or at parties? Is it impossible for you to shut out sounds and distractions that don’t bother others?
- Do you often shut down in the middle of the day, feeling assaulted? Do requests for “one more thing” put you over the top emotionally?
- Do you have trouble balancing your checkbook?
- Do you feel like you’re always at one end of a deregulated activity spectrum — either a couch potato or a tornado?
- Do you feel that you have better ideas than other people but are unable to organize them or act on them?
- Do you start each day determined to get organized, and end each day feeling defeated?
- Do you despair of ever fulfilling your potential and meeting your goals?
Don’t let ADHD symptoms hold you back. Gain the skills you need to achieve your goals with help from this book
Here's a little sneak preview of what you’ll get:
- The 15 most effective methods for coping with ADHD
- 6 Executive Function Strategies that Really Work for People with ADHD
- How to Stop Losing Things
- The common signs you need to know
- What Happens to Women with ADHD left undiagnosed
- Gender differences in ADHD: Why women struggle more
- ADHD and Relationships
- ADHD and Sleep Problems
- ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation
- Effects of ADHD on Sexuality
- Best Jobs for Women with ADHD
- How to improve focus in women with ADHD
- Life-management Tools for Women with ADHD
It's time to change your life! Learn how to turn your fear and self-doubt into confidence and self-love
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