Poppy Pi

Paws & Claws: A guide to animal first aid emergency

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Our pets can get injured so having some basic first aid knowledge can really make a difference. Some injuries are more common than others and indeed some are more serious than others. But regardless of what the emergency is you will want to be prepared with the knowledge and right tools to deal with it.
In this audio book, you'll learn the basics to deal effectively with a pet emergency and it will cover essential topics such as CPR techniques, wound care, choking, having a well-stocked pet first aid kit and recognizing signs of distress. This audio book will teach you to be proactive in learning these skills and give you as a pet owner a sense of confidence to deal with an emergency. Learning to care for your pet will strengthen the bond between pets and their caregivers ensuring that our furry friends receive the best care in times of need.
Poppy Pi
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