Cecilie Rosdahl

Birthday Surprise

"I put my hair up and find the ingredients to make a birthday cake with pineapple, macaroons and marzipan. Pineapple makes him taste nice when I'm giving him a blowjob, unlike certain other things such as asparagus. I like it to taste nice when I swallow."

This short story is published in collaboration with the Swedish filmproducer Erika Lust. Her intention is to depict human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and love in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.

Cecilie Rosdahl is a Danish author and artist. She studied art at Det Fynske Kunstakademi, a Danish Art Academy, and scriptwriting at the University of Southern Denmark. Cecilie Rosdahl has recieved numerous grants for both her work as an artist and as a writer.
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