Susanne McAllister

As She Spreads Her Wings

Are you a young girl who is discovering herself and the world around her and would like to avoid making the wrong choices? Or are you the guardian of a young girl and would like to know her better and help her better navigate life through her adolescent years? If you answered “yes”, keep reading...
Coming of age is such a big thing in our lives. With the hormonal changes, the body and brain undergo a profound transformation. During these formative years, some girls don’t get the support or guidance that they need and make poor choices that lead them down a path of regret. Life is about working on oneself and developing into a better person. This can lead us down a better path, ensure a successful future for ourselves, and we can even impact other lives in a good way. But it all starts with knowing and loving yourself for who you are, and understanding the world around you and how it works.
This book was written as an indispensable and inspirational guide to help girls navigate through life during the crucial years as young women.
Here are some topics you’ll discover in this book:
Being open to getting in touch with your inner selfThe importance of having a confidant you can tell things toWisely choosing whom you decide to fall in love withDeveloping the courage to go through life if it gets toughLearning from your mistakes and not being harsh on yourselfBeing alone is better than ending up with the wrong crowdHave a dream, find your passion, and ask big questionsBe around people who support your positive ambitionsBeing comfortable in your own skin and loving yourselfBelieving in yourself and your abilities to do great thingsAs a key bonus, the author encourages the readers & listeners to get in touch with her and explore her website where you can find a wealth of resources to help you live a marvellous life.
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