Katrina Power

Daily Vagus Nerve Exercises

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Do you often experience the following symptoms?- Anxiety, emotional overwhelm or difficulty switching off?
- Depression, feel flat or numb?
- Gastrointestinal issues like stomach bloating and pain, IBS, SIBO or sensitivities?
- Chronic pain, migraine or fibromyalgia?
- Frequent Insomnia?
- Chronic fatigue?
- Chronic inflammation or autoimmune issues?
If yes, then this guide could help you.
This book combines education & interactive exercises on the vagus nerve, brain, the nervous system, self-regulation, stress recovery and how they can improve your physical health.
You’ll learn how to enhance the functioning of your vagus nerve using postures, movement, sensory points, audio exercises and the breath.
The exercises can be your daily ally, helping you to unwind the long-term tension that’s been held in your body and mind, and kept old, unhealthy emotional patterns playing out.
Meanwhile, the vagus nerve stimulation has been shown to improve conditions such as:
- Anxiety disorder
- Heart disease
- Tinnitus
- Obesity
- Alcohol addiction
- Migraines
- Alzheimer’s
- Leaky gut
- Bad blood circulation
- Mood disorder
- Cancer
Whether you are feeling anxiety or depression, you can use tools to engage your social nervous system to re-establish higher order nervous system functions.
Healing the nervous system can take time and requires patience. Put the polyvagal theory into action in your life to increase your sense of freedom in body and mind
This audiobook provides all the tools you need to understand and heal your vagus nerve.
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