Mark Tusk


Discovering how people with dark personalities works is by understanding how you can protect yourself against their deceptive and dangerous strategies, why not keep reading?
Have you ever been exposed to the painful and harmful behaviors of people who seem to lack morality?
Have you ever been affected by negative humor that wanted to exploit your weaknesses and deprive you?
Would you like to know how to protect yourself from these obscure strategies so as not to be manipulated at the expense of your health or dragged into their wrong reality?
You see, the art of dark psychology has long been sought after by scientists to understand what makes it possible for people to ruthlessly pursue their dreams at the expense of everyone around them.
This book explains Dark Psychology: what the Machiavellian rulers know about persuasion, thought control, manipulation, negotiation, deception, human behavior and psychological warfare that you do not know, giving you the right guardian to overcome.
Consequently improving your overall well-being…
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Mark Tusk


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