10 Rillington Place: The Trials of Evans & Christie

Prepare yourself for a gripping journey back into the darkest corners of post-war London and the shocking story of the infamous Rillington Place murders that shook London in the early 1950’s.  Based on the original trial transcripts, it is for you to decide if an innocent man was sent to the gallows.

On January 11, 1950, Timothy Evans of 10 Rillington Place stood trial at the Old Bailey, accused of the murder of his own baby daughter.  The courtroom was heavy with tension as the prosecution, led by Mr Christmas Humphreys, began delving into the mysterious death of his wife, building their case on the sworn testimony of a fellow tenant who resided on the ground floor - Mr John Reginald Christie.  The jury took only 35 minutes to find him guilty and on March 9, still protesting his innocence, Timothy Evans was hanged at Pentonville Prison.Three and a half years later, Christie, by now destitute and homeless, was arrested while loitering on the embankment near Putney Bridge in London.  And so begins one of the most infamous trials in British legal history, when Christie, a seemingly unassuming and quiet man is charged with the murder of his wife, Ethel.  A serial killer and necrophiliac, he is tried in the same court as Evans and in spite of his plea of insanity, he is destined to stand on the very same gallows at Pentonville Prison as Timothy Evans.

Starring RONALD PICKUP as John Reginald Halliday Christie with Jonathan Wrather, Terence Edmond, Trevor Nichols, John Baddeley, Robin Welch, Nicola Barber, Elizabeth Mansfield, Howard Ward and full supporting cast.

Also available as part of the Great British Trials Box Set, a fascinating eight-hour collection of true crime dramas, featuring the trials of Ruth Ellis, Dr Crippen, Timothy Evans & John Reginald Halliday Christie.
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