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How to Influence People, Get Them to Like You and Earn More Respect: 52 Life-Changing Ideas for Self-Improvement. Improve Your Charisma, Communicate Better, Increase Your Status and Become an Effective Leader

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Do you feel like you're not getting the respect that you deserve?
Do you get passed up on promotions even though you're the most deserving candidate? Do other people seem to feel threatened by you? Do you feel like you're not getting the admiration and attention of your colleagues? Then this audiobook is for you.
What you'll discover:
• How to create value in other people's lives so you can get anything you want
• Why being the best in what you do is the key to gaining anyone's respect
• Why understanding someone's perspective will make you a master influencer
• The one thing that you can do to almost instantly achieve celebrity status in your market
• Why being too nice will doom your reputation
• The real difference between confident and arrogant and how to become the former instead of the latter
• A simple tactic that instantly calms your nerve. Do this so you don't get into situations that you'll eventually regret
• and many more tactics for increasing your status and value to the world!
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