Umm Muhammad,Mary M. Kennedy,Amatullah J. Bantley

Clear Your Doubts About Islam

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Information is a source of assurance and a bridge to tolerance and understanding. This audiobook provides concise yet comprehensive answers to questions most often raised about Islam by non-Muslims. It corrects much of the misinformation currently being spread in a clear, logical and insightful manner. Questions discussed include:
Don’t all world religions have similar objectives?Do Muslims worship God or Allaah?What is the purpose of worship and why should people worship at all?Why only one God?How do you know there is life after death?How does the Qur’aan differ from other scriptures?Why should someone be a Muslim?Are there sects in Islam?Didn’t Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم write the Qur’aan or borrow from earlier scriptures?What does Islam say about Jesus?What is Sharee’ah (Shari’ah/Sharia)?Why are alcohol and pork prohibited?Why does Islam opposes homosexuality?Doesn’t Islam oppress women?Doesn’t Islam promote terrorism?Why is so much of the Muslim word underdeveloped?How can a Muslim be happy?
Umm Muhammad is an Islamic author who is well known across the globe. Hailing from southern California, she grew up in a family of atheists but became a Muslim after her open minded study of Arabic and Islam. Her published works number over eighty including one of the most widely circulated English translations of the Qur’aan, a collaborative effort with co-authors Mary M. Kennedy and Amatullah J. Bantley under the brand Saheeh International.

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