Mary Patricia

Codependent Forevermore

Excellent companion book to materials used in 12-step programs, especially ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and CODA (Codependents Anonymous.)
If your life has been affected by addiction (yours or someone else's), abuse, trauma or toxic shaming, you may also be struggling with another invisible problem - codependency.
Without you even being aware of the connection to the above issues, it has created additional life-long challenges such as endless guilt, anxiety, perfectionism, need to control, depression, a history of dysfunctional relationships and fear of abandonment, to name a few.
This easy to understand, interactive book will reveal how codependency has sabotaged you, the lies it created in your beliefs and the truths that expose them.
Also included is a Guide to Recovery using simple acts of mindfulness to overcome harmful habits in your thinking, actions and choices which are keeping you from having peace. Once you understand you are not crazy, just coping with the deep-seated effects of codependency, you will be free to create the life you were always meant to have.
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Mary Patricia


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