Chase Hill

Eliminate Negativity : 2 Books in 1

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There is a massive amount of shame that comes with negative thinking. You blame yourself for the intrusive thoughts that blindside you. You feel guilty for not being more optimistic. It’s time to stop.
Negative thinking isn’t as simple as looking at the glass half empty. It is a debilitating mindset that seeps into every area of your life.
Negative thinking happens automatically -- it’s not your fault.
The brain is indeed negatively biased. However, science has confirmed that you can rewire the way you think. And you can start doing this today!
In How to Stop Negative Thinking, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:
How to overcome every type of negative thinking from intrusive thoughts to rumination in 7 simple stepsSimple strategies with practice exercises that will help you overcome the negative thought patterns3 crucial tools you can use to pinpoint the roots of your negative thinkingHow to put a stop to toxic behavior, passive aggression, and protect your new mindsetHow to love and accept yourself despite your negative thinking+ Plus as a bonus, you'll also get "Toxic Positivity" to help you to master your emotions and stay true to yourself by avoiding toxic positivity pitfalls.
In Toxic Positivity, you will discover:
How to identify common toxic positivity traps -- and the strategies you can use to avoid themHow to calm trails of negative thoughts, quit overthinking, and stop dwelling on past painful eventsHow to deal with toxic positivity from external sources to help you protect your mental state without losing friends or quitting social media
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