Jason Rosette

William Bonney's Electric Book of Hours

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Inspired by the legendary William Bonney - more famously known as 'Billy the Kid' - 'William Bonney's Electric Book of Hours' is a collection of contemporary poems and prose written by award winning multi-media artist, writer-director and filmmaker, Jason Rosette ('BookWars', '10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey'; 'Lost in New Mexico', 'Freedom Deal').
"Jason Rosette has conjured up a modern Book of Hours inspired by modern saints and martyrs, such as Kerouac and Billy the Kid (aka William Bonney)...this buoyant book of reminisces chronicles people and places met along the way, in prose and “pomes” not without areas of darkness, as in a canvas by Caravaggio. Rosette’s was a journey from small town America to the America of his dreams that never quite adhered to any one place, but always seemed to beckon from just down the road" - Ralph Feliciello, Editor
Alternately atmospheric, humorous, sentimental and noirish, 'William Bonney's Electric Book of Hours roams from character-driven streets of New York City to the haunted highways and deserts of New Mexico, rebounding with orbed precision to the perimeters of the Libyan desert, the arroyos of New Mexico, and beyond!
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