Chad M. Mansbridge

He Qualifies You!

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The Gospel of Grace made simple : a must-have for every grace preacher!Grasp the wonder of the New Covenant like never before through this simple and succinct presentation of the Bible's unfolding story.Why does God seem to operate so differently in the Old Testament than He does in the New? How is it that He seems to hold different people to different behavioural standards throughout the Scriptures? What is it that qualifies people to be blessed by Him, today?
God relates to His people on the basis of covenant. Abraham, Moses and Jesus represent the three major covenants God has offered to mankind throughout biblical history. Each of these agreements has come with the great and precious promise of His presence and provision, and each with its own qualifying conditions. The Good News of Jesus Christ is this ... He Qualifies You!
This book will leave you with a deeper appreciation of Jesus and His Gospel, a big-picture perspective of the Bible's overarching story, and an unshakable knowledge of the truth that, in the New Covenant, you are fully qualified to share in the blessings of God.
What others are saying:'Read it and experience the freedom of God's grace like never before.' (Dr. Andrew Farley, bestselling author)'This book is equipping believers to be released into their full identity in Christ.' (Chris Gore, Bethel Church Redding)'I couldn't ask for a better book to put in the hands of both new believers and church leaders themselves.' (Lucas Miles, bestselling author)'In all my years of Christian life and ministry, I have never read a book that imparts such clarity to a subject in which so much ambiguity abounds!' (Rob Rufus, author)'I guarantee you’ll come away thanking God for the awesome good news revealed to us through Jesus.' (Paul Ellis, bestselling author)Listen on your device now!


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