Wallace D. Wattles

How to Get What You Want

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This is the little famous book called How To Get What You Want - by Wallace D. Wattles. This book also includes a Bonus VIP Summary of the blockbuster book: The Science of Getting Rich otherwise known as Financial Success Through Creative Thought. You will learn many of the hidden secrets of Prof. Wattles and the art and science of success. The first part of the book was written by Wallace Wattles and the summary was written by Dr. Mentz in 2003.
Getting what you want is success; and success is an effect, coming from the application of a cause. The cause of success is always in the person who succeeds. Success does not depend alone on having good tools; it depends more on the power which uses and applies the tools. You can succeed if you will find out the cause of success, and develop it to sufficient strength, and apply it properly to your work; for the application of a sufficient cause cannot fail to produce a given effect. This little volume will show you how to achieve success.
Famous works of the author Wallace D. Wattles: The Constructive Use of Foods, Hellfire Harrison, Jesus: The Man and His Work, a long speech made into a pamphlet, and the base of "A New Christ", A New Christ, Letters to a Woman's Husband, "The Science of" trilogy: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, The Science of Being Well.
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