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German: A Complete Guide for German Language Learning Including German Phrases, German Grammar and German Short Stories for Beginners

The complete package for German language learning....
*** Three audiobooks in one - Learn German, German Phrases, and German Short Stories ***.
Learn German:
Anyone looking to break the monolingual mold that so many native English speakers find themselves enclosed in will invariably find this audiobook to be helpful. Here, we have a plethora of tips and techniques for learning German, as well as virtually any other language of which the listener can think....
Some of the numerous topics covered in this audiobook are as follows:
What it means to learn standard German
High German and low German
Learning German by immersing yourself deeply within German culture
Finding native speakers to improve your overall understanding of the language and its culture
How to beat the most difficult part of learning the German language
And much more
German Phrases:
This audiobook will give you a basic foundation in the German language; it includes pronunciations, sentence structures, and a rudimentary vocabulary to enable you to begin speaking with the people you meet.
Some of the phrases that'll be covered:
Days of the week
Small talk
Getting around
Lodging and hotels
Eating out
And so much more
German Short Stories:
This audiobook features several short stories in the Germanic tongue, along with their English translations. There are also sections dedicated to some grammatical and critical notes on the texts. The purpose of this audiobook is not only to inform the listener about the German language, but also to entertain, and this short-story collection does just that with ease. You won’t want to miss out on any of it....
Don’t wait another moment to enjoy from this information - get your copy of German right away!
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