Martha Carr,Michael Anderle,Judith Berens

A Brownstone Solution

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What could be harder for Alison than hunting magical beasties? Meeting Mason’s parents.
Now she knows what Mason felt like meeting her father. Well, that was James Brownstone, so… maybe not.
No time to ponder impressing the parents anyway – she has other issues to deal with. Sonya’s father has reappeared, seeking their help. But will they?
And an unknown person has reached out to Tahir and Hana about Omni’s owner. Something smells a bit fishy about the whole situation – and it’s not Omni being a fish.
Whoever wants Omni is up to no good – members of the team are attacked on the same day in different areas of the city.
Bad move bad guys. You now have to deal with a pissed off Brownstone Security team. They don’t take kindly to someone hurting one of their own.
Can Alison and her team track down the people behind the attacks, find out what they want with Omni and prevent him from being taken by these magically enhanced hunters?
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