Mia Stone

Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve is a practical guide to understand the vagus nerve as the most important nerve in our body. It also plays a crucial role in determining our emotional and psychological states of mind.Have you ever wondered why chronic diseases are so common, nowadays?
Achy joints, digestive problems, obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety - could it be that all these diseases share a common cause?
Yes - the vagus nerve.
This important audiobook shows the simple ways in which one can regulate the vagus nerve to trigger deep relaxation, improve sleep, and recover from injury and trauma through a series of quick self-help exercises.
This invaluable audiobook will help you learn about:
Basics of vagus nerveVagus nerve damage and causesInformation on what happens when the vagus nerve stops workingWays to increase vagal toneVagus nerve stimulation and benefitsNine answers about vagus nerve Six ways to instantly stimulate your vagus nerve to relieve inflammation, depression, and migrainesAnd much much more...
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Mia Stone


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