The Seeker Climate Activist Collection

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Learn all about the science behind climate change, endangered species and the tech advances powering our future in The Seeker Climate Activist Collection!

Inventions Helping Fix the Climate Crisis
Scientific research and data show that the Earth doesn't have much time before climate change becomes irreversible. Listen to how scientists, researchers and everyday people around the world are creating new methods and inventions to conserve energy, reduce waste and recycle. You'll learn about:
• The plastic scientists developed that infinitely recyclable
• How plastic bags can be turned into fuel
• How mini-nuclear reactors could reinvent the energy industry
And more!

How to Save the World One Animal Species at a Time
There are more than 40,000 animals species that are vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered. Conservationists, scientists and organizations all over the world are exploring ways to help stop these endangered animals from going extinct. Listen in to how lab-grown super corals could save the ocean, an unusual way to save bluefin tuna, how close we are to saving the bees and more!

Breakthroughs: Science and Tech Advances Powering Our Future
Did you know that there is a molecule that may be a key to increasing human lifespans? Learn about this interesting research and more scientific advances powering the future of technology, interstellar exploration and the human body.
You'll learn about:
• The future of self-driving cars
• How close we are to terraforming Mars for human life
• How scientists across the world are creating a map of the human brain
And more!
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