Katherine Brewer

Dog Training Guide: How to Raise the Perfect Dog

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog didn’t chew on furniture or poop on the carpet, and followed your commands? Dog Training Guide can help!
A dog brings joy and excitement to your life. Once you add this bundle of energetic fur to your family, you'll find you have extra reasons to be playful. On the other hand, dogs have animal instincts and natural tendencies, some of which need to be repressed. Your dog needs to learn how to behave, and he will be counting on you to show him how to live in the world.
This book features the best methods and step-by-step instructions on how to train a dog. You will learn:
• Leash training
• Crate and potty training
• Five obedience commands every dog should know
• How to stop destructive behaviors
• Effective dog training tips
And much more!
Training a dog needs consistency and patience. If you use the methods in this guide, you will enjoy a hassle-free lifetime with your new best friend.
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