Jason Gale

Stoicism: Introduction To The Stoic Way of Life:

Let's face it, we can't control every aspect of our lives, and the fact is a lot of things we stress about are out of our direct control.
The ancient philosophy of Stoicism still stands the test of time and is still practiced in society today all over the world. This is the art of living in true happiness, as stoic principles guide us to live in harmony and flow with life's many challenges.
Many times we are taught and encouraged to take more of an aggressive and combative stance towards life's difficulties; however, in this guide to stoic mastery, you will learn how to overcome tribulation through virtue, controlling your emotions, endurance, mindfulness, and affirmations.
The stoic way of life can be compared to that of water; the very nature of water entails the state of being fluid, flexible, dynamic, and contains a property of flow, not causing discord but creating perfect harmony. Water doesn't try to shift, force, or demand itself among its surroundings but, on the contrary, aligns itself in harmony with nature.
What you'll learn in part one:
What is StoicismUnderstanding your emotionsStaying calm in the midst of tribulationFlowing like water within your surroundingsHow to become happy regardless of your situationLearning how to re-frame your mind and make the best of your circumstancesThere's more....
What you'll learn in part two:
Recognizing the things you can controlPracticing gratitude in our lives Learning how to be virtuousHow to practice some mindfulnessHow to be patientFinding inner peace within yourself without being effected
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