Pippa DaCosta

Chaos Falls

"There are no other demons like me."
Restauranteur, Hollywood socialite, Prince of Pride: Li'el is one of few demons left this side of the veil, and he has every intention of reveling in his new-found freedom.
But being the last demon in Los Angeles means that when mauled and shredded bodies are found within a few blocks of Li'el's popular Decadent-i restaurant, the list of suspects is a short one.
Add to that the suspicious death of a well-known reporter during one of Li'el's infamous after-parties, and he soon finds himself wanted for all the wrong reasons.
With the Dark Court gone and his powers waning, Li'el's reign at the top of the demon food chain could be over. And with the netherworld just a veil away, things can always get worse.
The Prince of Pride is about to discover there's a new predator in town.
It's time for the City of Angels to fall.
The demons are back in Chaos Falls, the third and final installment in the Chaos Rises series. Narrated by John Pirhalla
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Pippa DaCosta
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