Chris Díaz

You Have the Power to Change Your Life: Guide to Live Better: Soul

Do you want to be able to achieve your goals?
Would you like to have more determination or to be more positive?
Do you want to learn to enjoy changes and use them to your advantage?
Or do you notice that you are unhappy, even though you don't need anything necessary?
In "You Have the Power to Change Your Life: Guide to Live Better: Soul" you will find 9 of the most powerful habits, techniques or concepts to feed and care for your soul and remind it of its immense creative power.
When all is well, you are SOUL. You are creative, joyful, productive, loving and bring positive things into your life. We were never taught how to develop our soul, and we don't even need it. We just need to REMEMBER. Our essence already knows the way, we just need to point it in the right direction.
This book is for you if:
You have set out to achieve your dreamsYou want to feel more and think lessSometimes you notice that you lose motivationYou feel frustrated or aimlessYou are not happy despite having "everything"You have decided to cultivate your calm and inner peaceYou would like to develop on an emotional or spiritual levelDon't think twice about it and get the best version of yourself!
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