Angela Wayning

Giftedness: Learning How to Recognize and Handle Overexcited Kids with Brains (2 in 1 Combo)

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This book consists of two titles, containing the following topics:
Book 1: In this short and simple guide, you will learn more about the qualities of a gifted person. These attributes typically already show in a man or woman’s childhood, and the developmental stages in which they grow. When you want to understand your highly intelligent child, it’s easy to brush off the problems that come with it, such as overexcitement, sensitiveness, and being picky or easily bored.
These things all come with such intelligence, which is based on a neuroscientific approach to the high-speed thinkers among us. When you go through this book, you’ll get a better grasp of what giftedness consists of, why it’s so important to allow them free play, or how to calm their fears when their strong imagination triggers all kinds of irrational or highly detailed fantasies in the dark. On top of that, this book will cover topics that involve social skills for introverted kids, information about different types of schools you can send your gifted child to, and what to look for. All in all, this is a book you cannot miss if you have a gifted child or gifted children. With a personality like that, there are certain things you need to learn more about. So, don’t wait and start reading or listening now.
Book 2: What causes a gifted child to be emotionally driven and highly empathetic? How come an intelligent person is typically self-motivated and self-disciplined to the extreme? The explanation lies in the fact that gifted people make a lot of connections in their brains.
It points to being intellectually curious and the chance of being overly sensitive. This has both positive and negative effects, but his way of dealing with this quality the best
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