David Lewis,Mary G Lewis

Business Communication: Two Manuscript Why Communication is Important and Communication in the Workplace-the Importance of Strong Business Communication Skills

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Communication truly is one of the most important things that we learn in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone learns how to use communication effectively. By educating yourself now and employing these skills right away, you give yourself an advantage that many fail to acquire, i.e. a strong ability to convey your message, to be heard, and to get results. This type of ability is what impresses your employers and bosses and shows you are capable of taking on leadership roles. As a result, you maximise your success since you are likely to be chosen over your competition who may be ineffective at communicating with others.
The book also helps you understand the finer nuances needed for communicating effectively with people, including developing empathy and listening skills, as opposed to simply building your speaking skills.
This book will show you:
-Why Effective Communication Matters
-Why We Don’t Communicate Right
-How to Develop Good Communication Skills
-Strategies to Develop Confidence and Self-Worth
-How to Engage with Colleagues
-Strategies to Improve Your Communication and Conversations
-Overcoming the Fear of Being Judged
-How to Communicate with Your Boss
-How to Make People Want to Listen to Your Public Presentation
-The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
-Listening Skills in the Workplace
-Charismatic Body Language
-Workplace Communication Techniques
-How to Give and Receive Criticism
-Improving Charisma and Likeability
-Why You Need to Build A Powerful Business Network
-How to Deal with Difficult People in the Workplace
-Leadership and Communication
-Teamwork Leads to Effective Communication
-How to Improve Communication Skills
-Enhancing Social Skills at Work
-Giving and Receiving Feedback
-Communication with Customers
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