Michael Lewis

Making Winners

An insightful collection from the Against the Rules podcast that answers the ultimate question: can even Michael Lewis be coached?

Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis’ podcast Against the Rules is dedicated to examining what's happened to fairness. It feels like there's less of it every day, and one of the “haves” of those who are better off includes access to coaching. But does having a coach help or hinder us?

Making Winners is a highly personal anthology of Michael Lewis' podcast episodes on coaching. He visits his own high school baseball coach and subjects himself to publicly trying to overcome his greatest fear – with help from a coach, of course. Other chapters focus on lending practices, college admissions, professional sports, and psychological well-being. Who are the people trying to level the playing field, and are they making an impact? Making Winners includes a new foreword and afterword written with Lewis’ trademark insight and wry humor.

Anyone new to podcasts in general or Against the Rules specifically will become engrossed in Making Winners, which, with over five hours of beautifully produced audio content, highlights Lewis’ trademark insight and storytelling.

Please note: This collection includes content that has been released in the podcast series.
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