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History of Revolutions

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Revolutions differ in their purposes and intentions. Some seek to take over and change the current political order while others like to seek changes in the economy and social lifestyle.
Rebellions do share some common features such as they are influencing, they last for some years and they bring about a change, usually causing some chaos.
Revolts and revolutions are usually driven by individuals or groups that dream of having a better society, are inspired by hope, and are passionate about achieving their goals. These mutineers endeavor to change or upheaval the old command and replace it with a new one while the old order attempts to uphold its power. The consequences are clash, skirmish, disturbance, and division, which usually lead to battles, war, violence, and loss of human life.
Every revolution is unique and happens because of various reasons. Although the end results may be joyful, none of them come with consequences that usually cause turmoil, deaths, diseases, and loss in finances. Some revolutions have earned a place in history, and people ought to take learning from them.


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